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Abhyanga : to smear, anoint, and oil massage.
Acara : good conduct, an established rule of conduct.
Agada tantra: toxicology; a branch of Ayurveda dealing with poisons.
Agantuka: external, stranger.
Agni: fire, light, heat.
Ahamkara: conception of one's individuality; egotism; pride; haughtiness.
Ahara: food, that which goes in.
Ahara rasa: the juice of food, essence of food, nutrient plasma.
Ajasrika: activities that promote positive health.
Ajirna: indigestion, weak digestion.
Akasa: free open space, ether, sky, atmosphere.
Akriti: physical appearance, external shape.
Alabu: a vessel made of dried gourd.
Alocaka (Pitta): a type of Pitta governing vision, causing to see.
Ama: uncooked, raw, undigested, a toxic material produced from undigested food.
Amala (Amalaki): an Ayurvedic herb, Emblica officinalis (Emblica myrobalan).