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ImageHello! I am Pawan Bansal, a 42-year old man from Andheri (E), Mumbai. I am happy to stand testimony to the speedy treatment that Ayurvita Healthcare clinic has given to my Diabetes problem. Before coming to Ayurvita Healthcare Clinic. I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes Mellitus with an average blood sugar level of 250 mg/dl. My problems were trebled with the presence of a raised blood pressure level combined with flatulence and constipation. With the advice from Ayurvita Healthcare Clinic expert doctors, especially Dr. Vijay Kushvaha, my blood sugar level dropped to an optimum level at the end of the first month itself. I continued following up with the prescription that included some lifestyle changes and medicines such as Tab S S Diabetol and Tab Laxavita and Tab Brahmi & Tab Arjun. At the end of two months now, I have regained my normal self with a normalised B.P. and regular bowel movements. And most importantly, my blood sugar levels are under control! I will remain forever grateful to Ayurvita Healthcare Clinic.Image

Pawan Bansal, Mumbai
ImageMany Many thanks for bringing such wonderful product “S. S. DIABETOL”. I ordered the same from you for my mother who is a diabetic. It not on my kept her health normal but also helped her in sugar control. The best part is after she underwent gall bladder removal surgey , she was supposed to have some digestive discomfort but touch wood she never faced any since she was taking “S. S. DIABETOL”.Image

Syra, Hyd-500008
ImageMy Name is Ritesh , I am from Pune i got treatment for Kidney stone in Ayurvita Healthcare Pune. I got result in 15 days. Thanks Ayurvita ImagePune 411005  29-April-2015

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