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ImageHello! I am Melinda Palmer, a 50-year-old woman from Kandivali(E ), Mumbai. Before consulting Ayurvita Healthcare, my body weight was about 102 kg. With a height of 5’ 7”, I was overweight and suffered from fatigue. I was interested in losing weight but wanted to manage obesity in a natural way. Occasional heart-burning and constipation irritated me and my body was also very susceptible to cold weather. Although I was close to menopause, I had my periods with heavy bleeding in the initial days with a lot of discomfort. To deal with my condition, I tried diet control but could not stick to it. Two months back, I came across an advertisement about Ayurvita Healthcare clinic. I placed an order with Ayurvita clinic for a 3-month package of Ayurvedic herbs. In that package Tab Obevita , Obevita Granules and Obevita oil & Gel. for locally application with some laxatives Medicine I am now happy to say that in little over 2 months, I have lost 9 kg. Today I am stronger, more flexible and able to accomplish much more physically. I hope to lose more weight in the near future. My stricter diet (esp. avoiding white sugar and flour) is working well with the exercises that I am doing and my menstruation is a lot more comfortable now. Also, I noticed that my sensitivity to weather has drastically improved. My life has experienced a turn around and I am enjoying every moment of it! I am thankful to Ayurvita health care for bringing in such an improvement in my health.Image

Melinda Palmer, Mumbai-67
ImageI was obese girl at young age of 20 , Life had become miserable for me & I had my own world obesity & was not able to enjoy life. Then I carried obesity treatment under supervision of Dr. Vijay Kushvaha”s Healthcare Clinic at Kandivali west. I placed an order with Ayurvita Healthcare clinic for a 6-month package of Ayurvedic herbs. In that package Tab Obevita , Obevita oil & Gel for locally application with some laxatives Medicine Result were just unbelivable & I got permanent weight reduction of 25 Kg. In a 6 month. Their was figurative reduction in me & my skin lust has also totally changed . My friends were not able to recognize me & above all after so many years also my weight has not increased. Thanks to Ayurvita Healthcare Clinic for changing my life & making it colorfull.Image

Roshani Patel, Mum-67


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